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* Dates may change and dates may be added                                                                                                                      (updated 14.07.21) 


 31st May - 4th June 2021  Half Term Holiday
 7th June  Students return
 25th June  Leavers' Celebration cancelled
 28th June  Student Voice cancelled
 8th July  Sports Day cancelled
 19th July - 23rd July  Activities Week (adapted)
 23rd July  Last day for students
 26th July - 1st September   Summer Holiday
 30th August  Bank Holiday
 2nd September  Student Reintegration Day
 3rd September  Student Reintegration Day
 6th September  All students return
 19th October   Last day for students
 20th October  INSET
 21st October  INSET
 22nd October   INSET
 25th October - 29th October  Half Term Holiday
 1st November  Students return
 10th December   INSET
 17th December  Last day for students
 20th December - 31st December 2021  Christmas Holiday
 3rd January 2022  Bank Holiday
 4th January  Students return
 18th February  Last day for students
 21st February - 25th February  Half Term Holiday
 28th February  INSET
 1st March  Students return
 8th April  Last day for students 
 11th April - 22nd April  Easter Holiday
 25th April  Students return
 2nd May  Bank Holiday
 27th May  Last day for students
 30th May - 3rd June  Half Term Holiday
 6th June  Students return
 22nd July 2022  Last day for students


School term and holiday dates as published by Dorset Council are available here.