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* Dates may change and dates may be added                                                                                                                      (updated 13.01.22) 


 26th July - 1st September   Summer Holiday
 30th August  Bank Holiday
 2nd September  Primary return/Covid Testing KS3
 3rd September  Covid Testing KS4
 6th September  Covid Testing KS3/KS4
 7th September  All students return
 19th October   Last day for students
 20th October  INSET
 21st October  INSET
 22nd October   INSET
 25th October - 29th October  Half Term Holiday
 1st November  Students return
 3rd December   INSET
 17th December  Last day for students
 20th December - 31st December 2021  Christmas Holiday
 3rd January 2022  Bank Holiday
 4th January Jubilee Bank Holiday
 5th January  Students return
 18th February  Last day for students
 21st February - 25th February  Half Term Holiday
 28th February  INSET
 1st March  Students return
 8th April  Last day for students 
 11th April - 22nd April  Easter Holiday
 25th April  Students return
 2nd May  Bank Holiday
 27th May  Last day for students
 30th May - 3rd June  Half Term Holiday
 6th June  Students return
 22nd July 2022  Last day for students


School term and holiday dates as published by Dorset Council are available here.