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The Hospital classroom, which is situated on the Kingfisher Ward, offers Monday to Friday, term time

teaching sessions between 09:00 and 12:00, and 12:30 and 14:30, in a secure and stimulating

environment. It is staffed by a full time teacher and a teaching assistant. The classroom is

part of the ward routine and is open to all school age children and young people. We offer a

wide range of fun, educational and curriculum based activities, with something to suit

everyone. Young people may also attend on their beds, and some may receive tuition in their

cubicle if they have to be isolated.




The classroom aims to keep communications open between education and medical services,

who work closely together. We aim to introduce some normality into patients' stay, and

support the emotional wellbeing of young people on the ward, whilst offering continuity of

their education. The classroom helps to alleviate anxiety, raise moral, improve the quality of

patients' stay in hospital and assist medical recovery.




The classroom is well resourced with computers, IPad, Wi-Fi access, educational games, and

a wide range of curriculum and art resources.