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Dorchester Learning Centre has a procedure for appeals against internal assessed exams. 

Please contact the Exams Manager for more details.


For up to date JCQ appeals information please CLICK HERE 


If you would like a downloadable application form to apply for an appeal please CLICK HERE




Advice for coping with exams




  • Make yourself a realistic revision timetable 
  • Find somewhere quiet to do your revision 
  • Think about the best time of day for you to do your revision 
  • Make notes of the important points 
  • Take short breaks – small amounts of focused revision are best 
  • Ask your teachers/parents/carers for help if you do not understand something


How can parents/carers help?


  • Make sure your son or daughter gets enough sleep, not just on the night before an exam, but throughout the days and weeks of revision
  • Ensure they keep physically fit.  Short walks and deep breathing techniques will help to keep them calm
  • Help by testing them and making sure their revision is working
  • Encourage them to stick to their revision plan
  • Insist they have short breaks from revision or simply pamper them when they have worked really hard
  • Be realistic about their chances, don’t put them under pressure by expecting too much
  • Reassure them that it is not the end of the world if they do not get the grades they were expecting


Keeping your cool


  • Get to bed early the night before an exam 
  • Arrive in good time having eaten breakfast and/or lunch 
  • Remember that mobile phones/mp3 players etc are not allowed in the exam room 
  • Go to the toilet before an exam starts 
  • In the exam, make sure that you take time to read the instructions and questions carefully 
  • Work out how long you have to answer each question and stick to it 
  • Exams are not a race.  DO NOT be tempted to stop working because others have finished 
  • Allow yourself time to read through your work; check for mistakes and that you have answered all of the questions that you need to


Never forget that there is life after revision & exams Wink