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Our vision is to understand and recognise the individual needs of our students.  We aim to provide personalised provision that ensures they succeed and advance to their next steps in life.  We provide a safe and welcoming environment that allows our students to build positive relationships and removes barriers to learning.  We celebrate the success of our students and operate a positive behaviour policy.  We work closely with families and external partners to ensure the wellbeing of our students.  We have high expectations of our students and we aim to ensure that all of our students progress to a successful future.




We Expect Everyone


                      To be kind                                   To try hard                                   To learn from mistakes 




We Always Ensure


  • No one is disadvantaged educationally and that all students are treated as individuals
  • They are encouraged to achieve, whatever their abilities, and are confident in their abilities and those achievements
  • That both parents and students receive outstanding pastoral care through our dedicated team
  • Those pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) have those needs met as part of a continuous educational process
  • Those concerned with the education of young people in care constantly strive to deliver high standards in all aspects of education
  • The pupils needs are catered for and that we provide an educational experience in which they can learn without fear or anxiety
  • They receive constant encouragement to, and are able to, succeed
  • Pupils proceed through the examination system appropriate to their abilities and needs
  • All pupils see the celebration of achievement




The DLC Rap


DLC the place to be where people let me be and don't hassle me

DLC made me finally open my eyes and see the light now I don't

have the anger to fight and all the people here are not tight

DLC made everything right so when it hits night my words will

take flight now I don't normally rap like this but I couldn't

give the chance a miss I guess I had it on my to do list

and how that man in the mist he shows no sign of backing down

I got told that he got crushed under a wall of pounds

now I sit here in ICT and I don't care who sees me

and now I better finish this rap before I say something I

might regret and you know you don't want to take that bet


                                                by Stu Dent





DLC offers learning opportunities for students aged from 5 to 16 based all over Dorset who find themselves outside mainstream education either on a permanent or temporary basis. DLC also currently offers 24 places to students with social, emotional and mental health needs. We deliver a holistic approach and bespoke timetable to each pupil supporting both their academic and emotional needs. The school provides extensive pastoral support to all young people.


The aim for most students is to re-engage with their studies and DLC tries to keep all its students engaged in a number of core subject areas – English, Maths, Science, ICT and Art. Towards the end of year 10 and then throughout year 11 additional sessions in English, Maths and Science are offered in preparation for GCSE.


Following a short induction period all students are offered extra-curricular sessions from a wide choice of vocational areas. Currently DLC provides opportunities for individuals to enjoy the following activities:  Sports, Motorbikes & Mechanics, Work Experience, Cookery, Photography, Music Production and Outdoor Education skills.


Furthermore long-term students who enter years 10 and 11 can be entered for five or more GCSE/Entry Level subjects. In addition to the core subjects students can study GCSEs in Geography, Religious Studies, Citizenship, DT Resistant Materials and DT Product Design.

We also run a number of extra-curricular trips to enthuse and re-engage learners.



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