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A Rights Respecting School teaches children

and young people that they have rights under

the United Nations Convention on the Rights

of the Child.





From this starting point they also learn their responsibility to respect others' rights in all relationships in the community. The ethos created demonstrates to children the inclusiveness of a rights respecting school and paves the way to participation in the life of the community.



The centre is currently implementing Secondary SEAL.  There are 5 aspects to SEAL, which include:

                          • Self-awareness
                          • Managing feelings
                          • Motivation
                          • Empathy
                          • Social Skills     

These 5 aspects will be incorporated into all lessons, thus providing the students with an understanding of values and attitudes.  Research shows that from a pupil’s perspective the transfer from any school can be a daunting process.  This may have a negative impact on their social and emotional well-being.  Social and emotional skills such as resilience, being able to establish rapport, having a secure sense of self worth and being able to understand and cope with the change, are all important elements of both Primary and Secondary SEAL.  An emphasis on this approach makes a valuable contribution to supporting pupils, when transferring to a new school.


DASP (Dorchester Area Schools Partnership) student voice consists of students and teachers from the local first, middle and upper schools.  Student voice meets half termly to discuss issues in schools and the local area.  The last meeting was the first DLC attended and we discussed how schools could be more eco-friendly and become global citizens with six y8 students, 4 y10 students and 2 y11 students.  At the next meeting – to be held at DLC on Monday 17th November – we have put Rights Respecting Schools on our agenda, as most of us would like to know more about it.