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The theme this year was WORK of all kinds.  Students and staff wrote poems which were read on the day.

Some shy (of the theme) chose only to write, others chose only to read ... examples of our efforts follow ... 



Poetry Day

October 9th 2008


In the past it’s been known for Poetry day

That I’ve put pen to paper and had my say

On issues surrounding the DLC

Typed and filed for all to see. 


Today’s no exception as another year dawns,

Works started on the garden and on the lawns

The kitchen is waiting for a total new look

With colours quite stunning, from out of a book.


Extra curricular - Power boating’s a must

When in full throttle, you won’t see Ben for dust

Hair and Beauty students, are expertly taught

To apply their make up, with cosmetics staff brought.


The decking has added a new dimension

Nick and his shirt we won’t mention

But when off came that shirt, Nick was on a role

But for staff and students, they all lost control.


New staff appointed in the form of TA’s

Bringing support and help, in many ways

And so the number of staff keeps growing

To keep up with the students, who in number, are flowing.


Student Voice together, with Rights and Respect,

SEAL to implement, showing what we’d expect

From Staff and students to make DLC,

An outstanding centre, for us all to be.


And so to sum up both from students and staff

We offer a safe place to learn - and freedom to laugh

And I hope you all, will agree with me

There’s no better centre, than the DLC. 




I am!


I am anorexic.

I wonder if people can see me.

I hear people saying eat, eat, eat.

I see me.

I want to be skinny.

I am anorexic.



I pretend to eat.

I feel like shit.

I touch my throat hoping to be sick.

I worry they might find out.

I cry at night.

I am anorexic.



I understand my problem.

I say it will be o.k.

I dream I will be fine.

I try to eat.

I hope I can.

I am anorexic. 


Hannah Robbins


I am


I am a student

I wonder if I will get good results

I hear the teachers going on and on

I see my fellow work mates

I want good results

I am a student



I pretend I don’t care

I feel I do

I touch a pen to paper

I worry I wont do well

I ask when I need help

I am a student



I understand I need to study hard

I say I don’t care if I don’t do well

I dream I do well

I try my hardest to achieve that

I hope I do well

I am a student.


By Joanna Morgan

 ~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am


I am a Receptionist.

I wonder if I can be more.

I hear Singing is amazing.

I see Dolly Parton having so much fun.

I want to be like her.

I am a Receptionist.


I pretend to have fun at work.

I feel I should follow my dreams.

I touch my dream with the tips of my fingers.

I worry that I won’t have another chance.

I cry to think that I’m actually good at it.

I am a Receptionist.


I know if you don’t follow your dream it will float away.

I say I’m going to do it (but never do).

I dream I have the courage.

I try and jump at the chance.

I hope I will sing one day.

I am a Receptionist.


By Tara McKenzie


I am an Athlete 


I am a basketball player.

I wonder if I will get a basket.

I hear people screaming when I score.

I see people with cameras taking pictures of me.

I want my team to win.

I am a basketball player.


I pretend to be Michael Jordan.

I fell energetic when I have the ball.

I touch the ring of the basket when I dunk.

I worry when I am losing.

I cry ‘pass the ball!

I am a basketball player.


I understand all the rules.

I say you can’t win everything.

I dream I am in the NBA.

I try my best.

I hope one day I meet Michael Jordan.

I am a basketball player.



Ryan Wilding

~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~

I am a Mechanic


I am a mechanic.

I wonder if I am the best.

I hear cars starting.

I see old and new cars.

I want to get on and keep trying till it is done.                        

I am a mechanic. 


I pretend I know everything.

I feel that I can fix cars.

I touch smooth and rough metal.

I worry that I might make a mistake.

I cry the f-word if I bang my finger.

I am a mechanic. 


I understand cars.

I say if there’s a problem, I can fix it.

I dream I am a racing car driver’s mechanic.

I try my best at the job.

I hope I can always fix the problem.

I am a mechanic. 


By Joe Pryer



I am a businessman



I am a businessman

I wonder where I can go

I hear my band

I see many cars go by

I want those rubber bands

I am a businessman

I pretend to work

I feel I like to lurk

I touch my pc at work

I worry about my skirts

I cry when I lose a sale

I am feeling a bit pale

I understand my manners aren’t great

I say go get straight

I dream about being rich

I try to ditch my little itch

I hope I’m not too persuasive

I am a businessman.



By David Wilson





I am a doctor


I am a doctor.

I wonder how many people I’ve seen today.

I hear people in pain,

I see blood,

I want anaesthetic.

I am a doctor.


I pretend to feel OK.

I feel sick.

I touch people’s pulse,

I worry that I might get someone’s diagnosis wrong;

I cry because I’m frustrated in the ward.

I am a doctor.


I understand that I’m a doctor.

I say, ‘How can I help?’

I dream about getting out of my surgery;

I try to help people,

I hope to get another job.

I am a doctor.


By Ali Kamara


I am a Mini


I am a little red Mini.

I wonder why.

I hear my horn beep.

I see my red paint.

I want to be bigger.

I am a little red Mini.


I pretend to be a red Ferrari.

I feel little.

I touch the ground with my tyres.

I worry I’ll break down.

I cry ‘I hate being little!’

I am a little red Mini.


I understand I’m little.

I say it’s ok.

I dream of being bigger.

I try to be noticed.

I hope to be bought.

I am a little red Mini.


By Jamie Baker

~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~


Sports Coach!


I am a sports coach.

I wonder if I could make a star.

I hear kids laughing,

I see gym bags all around me.

I want to be a personal trainer,

I am a sports coach.


I pretend to be the best.

I feel happy all the time.

I touch warm floor mats,

I worry I won’t be what I want in the future.

I cry, never.

I am a sports coach.


I understand my job.

I say, ‘Everybody go!’

I dream to be a personal trainer.

I try to do well in my life.

I hope to be famous one day.

I am a sports coach.


By Sammy Morgan




I am Curley


I am Curley.

I wonder what my ungrateful wife is up to.

I hear whispers from men around, are they talking about me?

I see big men, I don’t like them

I want to be the big man.

I am Curley.


I pretend that I’ve got confidence in myself.

I feel lonely and beneath everyone else.

I touch my wife with my preserved hand.

I worry that she won’t be there forever for me to touch.

I cry inside; to hide that I am sad, I box.

I am Curley.


I understand I’m not the only lonely person in the world.

I say what I don’t mean.

I dream of being big, and being liked.

I try to hide my feelings.

I hope I will be respected one day.

I am Curley.


By Tasha Durant

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


My Day at School


I come to school at quarter past 1,

but on that day I also have some fun.


We also come here to learn,

and respect we try to earn.


The teachers work to be precise,

but they can also be really nice.


Some days I seem to miss school,

because when I get up I act like a fool.


When I come to the Mill I feel really calm,

but watch out girls

I’m going to switch on my charm.


Since I’ve come to this school

I have seemed to learn a little bit more

 than I ever did before.


So I’ve had quite a day. What can I Say?


Listen girls, grab a can of coke because

now me and Dave are going for a smoke.


By  Jack Taylor


The thought of waking up


to the same sound

of a honking horn

quite simply

fills me with dread



I have an extreme dislike of school




isn’t me

I do not find it appealing in any shape

or form


To keep my mind

stuck solidly

to one subject

in silence

I believe to be


and utterly




has never been a friend of mine

and I am under no impression

it will ever become one


By Tamsin Dornan


I am Lennie


I am Lennie.

I wonder when we’ll own our own place;

I hear George shouting when I do wrong;

I see me tending the rabbits;

I want ketchup;

I am happy in myself.


I pretend to understand things I don’t understand;

I feel myself stroking the puppies;

I touched Curley’s wife’s hair, ‘I like to pet nice things with my fingers, soft things’;

I worry about not being able to tend the rabbits;

I cry when George shouts at me;

I am Lennie.


I understand George gets angry at me sometimes;

I say I’ll stay out of trouble;

I dream of owning our own place and tending the rabbits;

I try to stay out of trouble to be able to tend the rabbits;

I wish I had never touched Curley’s wife’s hair;

I am who I am: Lennie. 


By David Govier 

                      I am Candy


I am Candy.

I wonder why my dog was shot;

I see people looking at me;

I want my own house;

I am Candy.


I pretend I am useful;

I feel like I’m very old;

I touch with one of my hands;

I worry I won’t get away from this ranch;                        

I cry, I have no friends;

I am lonely.


I understand I’m not fit and able;

I say I’m useful when I’m not;

I dream of being helpful;

I try to help out on the ranch;

I hope they don’t kick me out.

I am an old, unhealthy and lonely man.


By David Govier

~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~

The Mill


A small version of DLC,

There’s Judith, Zuzana, Carl, Janet and me,

And the kids who are always a pleasure to see.


It once was a pub which is kinda quite cool.

Can you believe they decided to make it a school?

There’s Judith’s tall elegance, Carl’s direct wit,

and Janet, the Mary Poppins of the outfit;

Zuzana’s the glue that holds us together,

small and refined and light as a feather.


We might be compact, but we get the job done.

It’s not just the staff, it’s the kids who are fun.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my years in mainstream,         

It’s that people like this, they make teaching a dream.


By Issy





Eye have a grate spell cheque

It came with my pea sea.

It plane lee marques four my review

Miss steaks aye can knot sea.


Eye strike a quay and type a word

And weight four it two say

Weather aye am wrong or write

It shows me straight a-weigh.


When ever a miss take is maid,

It shows bee four two long,

And eye can put the mater rite,

It’s almost never wrong.


Eye ran this poem threw it and

I’m shore yore pleased too no

It’s letter perfect all thee weigh,

My spell cheque tolled me sew! 

~~~~~~    ~~~~~~