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A big thank you to parents, carers, students and staff who, over the past two years, have collected 2,035 'Tesco Computers for Schools' vouchers.

We have used some of the vouchers to order 'Mapping Skills' software which will be used to enhance the Teaching & Learning of Ordnance Survey map reading.




The software will be available to all students but will particularly benefit those students studying Geography to GCSE, those working toward their Duke of Edinburgh Awards and those engaged in Orienteering.


We look forward, next year, to your continued support ... the Art Department has already placed an order for an 'Art of Different Cultures' book ... 


Meanwhile we continue to recycle inkjet cartridges and have now decided to use the Computers for Schools scheme and Oxfam's scheme.


A collection bin is available in Room 3.  We accept ALL empty inkjet cartridges from parents, carers, students, staff and friends.