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Rylands Farm is a really fun place. There are all kinds of animals there and there’s always something to do.


The animals there include fifteen cows, six pigs, four sheep, seven goats, two donkeys, lots of chickens and ducks and a few rabbits and guinea pigs.


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The fifteen cows include eight calves. Two of which were born on the farm and the other six were brought in. Seven of the cows are Simmentals, five of them are Charolais crosses and one is a belted Galloway, the other two are Dexters.


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They have six pigs at the farm, two are Potbellied pigs and the others are Kune Kune pigs. Two of the Kune Kune pigs are like dogs and they sit down for an apple. There used to be a third Potbellied pig but she died a while ago. The Potbellied pigs are very lazy and spend all day sleeping.


by Megan


(bigger versions of these pictures and more appear in two albums in The Gallery)