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For the fifth year running National Poetry Day was celebrated.  At DLC and at The Mill poems were read  and poems were written by students and by staff during the day.  Some examples of our efforts follow ...  



National Poetry Day

Thursday October 4th 2007 


It’s poetry day and once again

My pen to paper will not be in vain

For me to write and for you to see,

What’s been happening at the DLC


September saw the close of seventeen,

That’s where our satellite provision had been,

But now relocated at the Mill

As these premises seemed, to fit the bill


Staff moved to provide extra teaching skills,

History, Geography and Motorbike thrills

Theories and practicals for students to learn

Wayne get off that bike please, and wait your turn! 


Another provision we had to revisit

As Art was an extra year 11 requisite –So

Laura and Sarah will get the job done,

By teaching to certificate at Fifty-One


With Virtual School now fully on board,

Chris’s IT skills could not be ignored

He makes sure the needs of students are met,

By teaching IT, through the Internet. 


We’ve a nurse on board, Connexions too,

Supporting students like all of us do.

Work experience and Mainstream school, that for

Some of our students, we’d like them to do


And so my ode is nearly done,

Nights out have provided some frolics and fun

But one things for sure and I hope you’ll agree,

We’re all proud to be staff at the DLC




          I Am



I am skinny & beautiful,

I wonder how much I’ll next get paid,

I hear my manager booking shoots,

I see wannabes wherever I go

I want to be rich. 


I pretend I’m just like you,

I feel I’m better than her,

I touch my gorgeous hair,

I worry I’ll get fat,

I cry when my outfit’s not right,

I am skinny & beautiful. 


I understand I’m self absorbed,

I say you can be like me,

I dream of fat being illegal,

I hope I get what I want,

I am skinny & beautiful. 


By Lauren House


     The Writer Of The Poem


The writer of this poem

Is tall as a fish

As keen as a bull

As handsome as a rotten dish; 


As bold as an old man

As sharp as a ball

As strong as a leaf

As tricky as a fool;


As smooth as a floor of nails

As quick as a slug

As clean as a cow

As clever as a mug;


The writer of this poem

Never ceases to amaze

He’s one in a million billion

(Or so the poem says)



Craig Richards


      The Stories

     of Our  Lives



It was like this,

I was torn between two worlds,

One full of promises &

The truth I knew would hurt. 


Just trying to put the past behind,

See I’m no angel,

So now I try to find,

My own little strange world.


Only to leave all the memories back there,

All in the back of my mind,

What a terrible thought,

I must be dreaming this time. 


See I was just thinking,

Now my life has begun,

The street is narrow on the road I’ve been shown,

But I will always remember…The easiest road home!


You know it’s not easy,

To try and change your ways,

But this is my only chance…

Its not often I feel this way.


We all try our lives away,

Then stumble to the grave,

We cry & still they say the past won’t go away. 


The Stories of Our Lives


          By Vickie Collins







I am a farmer,

I wonder why.

I hear the teacher nagging me,

I see the countryside.

I want to work on the farm,

I am a farmer.


I pretend to care,

I feel the extreme.

I touch the untouchable,

I worry about my gun rusting.

I cry “You Bloody Rabbits!”

I am a farmer.



I understand farming.

I say farming,

I dream farming,

I try farming,

I hope to farm,

I am a farmer.  



By Scott Thompson







A man in black


He is in winter


In a box


He is wet


He is a black suit


He is in a coffin


He is a dead man walking


A delicious Brain




Toby Palfrey




    The writer of

       this poem



The writer of this poem,

Is taller than I used to be,

As keen as I can ever be,

As handsome as you can see. 


As bold as the headmaster,

As sharp as pins,

As strong as bricks,

As tricky as pigs.


As smooth as fur,

As quick as a runner,

As clean as my teeth,

As clever as a horse.


The writer of this poem,

Never ceases to amaze,

She’s one in a million, billion,

(Or so the poem says)


                   By Natasha Bull