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What a dismal day at Dismaland ...




... the atmosphere was delightfully depressing from the minute we stepped onto the crossing towards the

down trodden theme park entrance.  Greeted by the Dismaland staff speaking in monotone voices, who

where purposefully uninterested in being helpful, instantly put a smile on our faces.   


We explored the contemporary art galleries which featured works by 50 artists from around the world

including Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jenny Dozier and Nettie Wakefield.


We tried the rides and attractions, including the Dismaland Castle where we were "made to feel like a

real princess" highlighting our tabloid culture.  The ideas were witty and thought provoking with some

students finding the art shocking, which has opened conversations on current affairs and issues like illegal

immigration, race relations, surveillance and security.


Dubbed "the happiest place on Earth" Dismaland did not disappoint.  Everyone had a great day and came

away with ideas to support their own art with a message.


                                                       These pictures and more appear in  The Gallery