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Year 11 students had a fun day at the Warner Bros. studios in Hertfordshire.










Exploring the magic of the Harry Potter films it inspired their GCSE projects.


They had the opportunity to see the artistry and technology that goes on behind the scenes: an array of fantastic costumes and iconic props; scaled models; architectural drawings and original sets; learning secrets about the special effects and amazing animatronics.


We firstly stepped inside the actual Great Hall, went all aboard the Hogwarts Express before strolling along the cobbled street of Diagon Alley.


Students also had an hour lesson on set design learning about the role of the Production Designer, examining the process from sketch, storyboard, and models to the final set. With the opportunity to analyse lighting, props and set design on the Harry Potter films and create their own white card models.


Staff and students had a great day out and everyone was a pleasure to have on the trip.


These pictures and more appear in  The Gallery.