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The artwork for our 80 foot fence and decking area is now complete.



Students have worked on a 3 week project with artist Pete Sheridan to create artwork for the Dorchester Learning Centre 80 foot fence and decking area. The theme of the graffiti project was ‘change and diversity’ chosen by The Student Voice.

All students that study art at DLC had the opportunity to work on the project. Pete joined The Student Voice meetings and art lessons to listen to their ideas for imagery that could represent their theme. They decided upon recognisable cityscapes from around the world changing from day to night, with images ranging from superhero icons (Gandhi) to werewolves with designer nails, illustrating issues in a fun and creative way using bright eye catching designs that make people think.


The outside decking area is now a trendy gallery space where students can produce their own art work for the changing display. The current exhibition by Pete has John (Headteacher) being transformed into the Incredible Hulk, managing to really capture a true likeness ... you be the judge!


Students have benefited from being able to work with a successful and talented local artist to see how a commission evolves from a client’s initial idea to a final piece: rough sketches; carefully planning designs to scale; stencilling; outlining and freehand spray painting; and working on a large scale. Their excellent team work has resulted in an impressive piece of artwork, which they are extremely proud of and can be shared with everyone that uses DLC for years to come.

These photos and more appear in The Gallery

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