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GCSE Art is exhibited at DLC each June on Leavers' Day.


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The exhibition allows parents and carers the opportunity to see how hard everyone has worked over the

year and students are always proud to show off what they have produced. It also gives other staff at DLC

the opportunity to see the work being created at No. 51.

The Art department are always really proud of all of the Year 11 students. They all produce unique work;

we like to encourage students using their individual strengths to produce a diverse range of outcomes,

which could include anything from 3d sculpture, photography, print, textiles and painting.

This academic year all students have produced some really strong work and the Art department have not

been disappointed in the quality of work. A range of pieces are on display in the Coffee Lounge in the

United Church, Dorchester over August for anyone interested in seeing some impressive new talent.

A massive well done to all the Year 11s, you have all worked very hard and it shows in your work.


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               bigger versions of these pictures and more appear in The Gallery