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Year 11 students prepared for their GCSE

Art and Design exam by visiting London.


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This was an opportunity to experience art first hand in a gallery setting to inspire their work and an adventure exploring Covent Garden, seeing street performers and the Bankside landmarks.

Everyone was enthusiastic just walking into the vast entrance of the old power station. Once in the Tate Modern all students impressed staff as they got straight to their artist studies – taking notes, photographs and drawing sketches to support their artist research and contextual studies.

Students had the opportunity to see famous artists’ work which they recognised from previous study: Kandinsky, Picasso, Dali, Rothko and Monet to name but a few. Questioning what is Art? and taking inspiration from the diverse options available when creating their own unique art work.

The group were a real pleasure to be with and everyone enjoyed the day despite the 5 hour minibus trip back home, which was eased by a well deserved stop at KFC.

We are looking forward to our next gallery adventure and to seeing the Year 11’s final pieces ... I think they will be really, really, really good! 



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bigger versions of these pictures and more appear in The Gallery