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... and scores with DMS.  


The Dorchester Learning Centre was on top flight form when they entertained Year 5 boys from

Dorchester Middle School in a football festival.

DLC pupils ran a skill based indoor event during the first half of the morning at Redlands Sports Centre

and in the second half of the morning they took the Year 5s out to the new 3g pitch and set up a mini


Levi Dailey, DASP Sports Coordinator, said “It’s always impressive watching pupils lead sports activities for

other pupils”, “The terminology and enthusiasm the DLC boys used with the younger DMS pupils was a

pleasure to watch”. 

A footballing fun morning for all the Year 5 boys from DMS - we would do again in a heartbeat! If more

schools would allow DLC pupils help run sports festivals, and mini tournaments, then the whole DASP

community would profit.

Special thanks must go to Dill Butcher, Grant Neven and Andy Campbell-Bell who, simply without them,

well there would have been no footballing morning!