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Delsie (Year 11) and Grant (Year 39ish) are off

to Africa; Delsie to Madagascar, Grant to Uganda.


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Delsie's Adventure to Madagascar


On the 13th of July 2013 I will be flying out to the tropical island of Madagascar with the South West Scout Association. I will be spending one month out there returning on the 12th of August 2013. Before I go I have a lot of work to do, every participant has to raise approximately £3,000. It sounds daunting and has been hard to do but we are well on track to making that target, so far I have raised £2,500.


We will be staying in the local school where there are toilets, showers and meals cooked for us. We will be sleeping with a roof above us and this is the biggest luxury for the month. But it won't be a breeze - building and digging holes. We will be in different groups, one day doing construction and another visiting the local orphanage finding out their situations and why they are there. We will be teaching them individual skills, depending on what they're interested in, e.g. English, sport, reading and writing. It won't just be teaching them, they will be teaching us about their culture and their way of life. It will be taking us way out of our comfort zone and it will be a new way of living for us.



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Grant's Cricket Without Boundaries project


Formed in 2005 Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK cricket development and AIDS awareness charity.  It is dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket.  It is about personal empowerment, both for adults and for children.  Run almost entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers I was honoured to be chosen as a CWB volunteer after an interview in Birmingham earlier this year.


Working primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa CWB has sent projects to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.  In the process it has coached thousands of children as well as training adults to become ICC cricket coaches.  From the 16th February 2013 until the 3rd of March 2013 I will join other volunteers in Uganda (originally it was to be Kenya) to help CWB with its ongoing commitment.  I am responsible for funding my own flights and personal expenses.  I also have to raise a minimum of £750 to cover the project costs and am so grateful for all the support I have received from family, friends and colleagues so far.  Thank you everyone. 


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