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The History Project for pupils (and staff) at DLC arose from the need to study a site for their History GCSE coursework coupled with an interest in what Monkton Park was used for in former times.

Initially we collected data; titbits of the history of the site and some willing History pupils researched and gleaned the probable use of the site. The next step was organising a geophysical survey with the help of Julian Richards and a geophysics team. The aim was for everyone to be involved in the study and hopefully find out something about the site we all work on.The survey yielded a large metal object (perhaps the size of a small car). As it is buried quite a few feet under the soil it could even turn out to be something from the army that was no longer of use!

The second survey yielded some stone walls which extend beyond the Learning Centre into the field, they may have been part of the old Rectory; we have yet to find out!!


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Pupils used some of the equipment and we all enjoyed talks given by Julian and the team about the findings.  To help their History coursework pupils will have photographs, archaeological surveys and a report generated by the archaeological team about the findings.


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With permission granted, and the weather kind, History pupils (and others) spent the last week of September on an archaeological dig north of the walled garden.  This was the second dig to take place here and the aim was to prove that the circular feature was a Bronze Age barrow (an old grave said to date back to 2000 B.C.).

Julian and his team led many willing hands and as the trench and excavation deepened finds were unearthed.  Prehistoric belemnites, flints, a Bronze Age arrowhead and a Roman coin were amongst finds that prove that we work on a very ancient site.


Photos of The Dig appear in The Gallery