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A merry band gathered at Skirmish Dorset for the Year 11 Leavers’ Paintball Showdown.

Staff and pupils from DLZ were joined by a group from Bicknell School and once a team briefing was complete the

battle commenced.


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Split into two teams, with staff Steve Campbell and Grant Neven the opposing captains, the first skirmish was a tense

affair; with all participants proving worthy adversaries and after an outflanking manoeuvre 'Campbell’s Conquerors'

emerged victorious.


Skirmish two proved to be a titanic affair with both teams seeking to out manoeuvre each other in the quest to cross

the bridge and capture the opposition’s flag.  With victory in sight 'Grant's Gorillas' ran out of ammo and the game

was called a draw. 


The final skirmish brought out the beast in all and after a supreme effort with seconds remaining the Conquerors once again emerged victorious.


Clare was left to comment, “What a brilliant day!  All the pupils were excellent, in behaviour and team spirit, a pleasure to be with and a credit to themselves.”

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