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Students and staff enjoyed exploring our

backyard on foot at the end of the 2009

Autumn Term.


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With Maiden Castle, the largest Iron Age hill fort in Britain (some say in Europe); the site of the medieval village of Winterbourne Farringdon; the remains of St. German’s Church; the hamlets of Winterborne Monkton and Winterborne Came; the seasonal South Winterborne stream/river; burial mounds and strange holes in the ground so close ... we went walking.


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The discovery of a bunker like hole atop Conygar Hill overlooking Dorchester led to discussion about the defence of the town during the Second World War and to some more bizarre ideas.  On top of Maiden Castle we discovered a poorly sheep so we phoned DLC, they phoned the farm and we hope the sheep is now feeling better.


bigger versions of these pictures and more appear in The Gallery