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We celebrated National Poetry Day again this year.

A selection of poems written by students follow ...



I am Curley’s Wife


I am beautiful and ignored

I wonder if my beauty will be appreciated soon

I hear Curley screaming for me

I see a light at the end of the tunnel

I want a new life

I am beautiful and ignored


I pretend I have everything I’ve ever wanted

I feel unloved and so unhappy

I touch my silky hair

I worry things will never be the way I want

I cry for my sanity

I am beautiful and ignored


I understand I may never get my dream

I say I will survive

I dream but will mine come true?

I try to look on the bright side of life

I hope so hard to get through this

I am beautiful and ignored 


by Beki Ayling





I Am


I am a mentally challenged ox

I wonder about my future

I hear a brain cell straining

I see a 10 acre farm

I am a mentally challenged ox


I pretend to not kill my pup

I feel I’m gonna let George down

I touch my future Rabbit

I worry I’ll get in trouble

I cry from not tending Rabbits

I am a mentally challenged ox


I understand George ain’t gonna leave me

I say I’m getting multicoloured Rabbits

I dream of getting a bit of land

I try to impress George

I wish I didn’t get shot

I am a mentally challenged ox 


Rob Pollitt 



Hot Chocolate


I am hot chocolate

I wonder when I’m going to get used

I hear somebody wanting to drink me

I see them reach over

I am hot chocolate


I pretend to keep somebody warm

I feel the lips touching me

I touch their mouth

I worry I might be spat out

I cry when people say I taste horrible

I am hot chocolate


I understand I won’t be around for long

I say drink me

I dream of being the best in the world

I try to please

I wish you will relax while you drink me

I am hot chocolate


By Sophia Judd

~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

I Am


I am human

I wonder how we got here

I hear god created us

I see we’re all different

I am human


I pretend I’m unique

I feel confident

I touch reality

I worry what the world’s coming to

I cry anxiety

I am human


I understand life

I say help

I dream emotion

I try to be optimistic

I wish world wealth

I am human


by Jordan Hayward



I am a big old lorry


I am a big old lorry

I wonder if I will make it up the hill

I hear my engine revving

I see my friends by the side of me

I want to go faster

I am a big old lorry


I pretend I could be a new big lorry

I feel big and old

I touch a hot burning road

I worry I will break down

I am a big old lorry


I understand days are numbered

I say it will be soon

I dream I could stay on the road for ever

I try my hardest to stay on the road

I wish I cold stay on the road

I am a big old lorry


Andrew Hansford

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I am Lennie


I am scared

I wonder when I am going to get my rabbit

I hear George shouting at me

I see puppies

I want my mouse back

I am scared


I pretend to be happy

I feel unloved

I touch Curley’s wife’s hair

I worry about George getting mad at me

I cried when I killed my puppy

I am scared


I understand nothing about why I’m here

I say George tell me how it’s going to be

I dream of having our own little place

I try not to get George mad at me

I hope I get my rabbits soon

I am scared


By Chelsea Vincent


I Am


I am a bicycle rider

I wonder where I am going today

I hear the tyres on the road

I see people walking their dogs

I want to get places faster

I am Philip


I pretend that I can fly

I feel happy because it’s fun going fast

I touch the handle bars; they feel strong in my grip

I worry that I’m going to fall off

I cry, “Where are we going?!”

I am Philip


I understand myself

I say, “What are we doing today?”

I dream when I am asleep

I try to do my best

I hope to get a good job when I am older

I am Philip


by Philip Hughes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~