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This year’s trip to the Dirt Bike Show was a great

day out, we left the Centre at 7 in the morning

to drive up to Coventry, 9 students and 4 staff. 


The same week there had been a break- in at the Bike Project’s garage and the best race bike had been stolen, so we all needed a good day to cheer us up.

We saw lots of new bikes from the leading makers of off- road bikes; able to sit on the bikes and imagine riding them. We talked to a local Yamaha dealer about our project and he said he may be able to help us replace the bike we lost in the burglary.

We watched a stunt bike show in the arena; the teams had to race each other over obstacles that included a digger and a truck. Then there was a mini- bike team that could do back flips on their bikes over jumps, amazing!

With lots of free stuff from all the trade stands such as stickers, posters, magazines and t-shirts we saw a wheelie machine and Andrew and Joe had a go on the climbing wall.

Some of us entered a competition on the stage, competing to be the fastest to wind the string pulling a wooden bike across the stage.  Coby won and then had to go into the next game where he had to throw oil bottles across the stage to land into a bin to win £50 of bike oil, unluckily he didn’t win.


We got back to the centre for 8 o’clock, it had been a long day but worth it!

                Visit the Dirt Bike Show website


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