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On Friday 16th October 2009, World Food Day,

a dozen students from DLZ experienced a taste

of the Sudan in ‘exotic’ Poundbury.  

We started the day with a series of physical games which helped us understand some of the problems and conflicts that can arise in a country trying to manage with very little. Groups of staff and students represented different regions and social groupings battling to survive with limited resources.

This was followed by a presentation of photographs which introduced us to the pupils of the Grace Secondary School in the Nuba Mountains and gave us a flavour of life for children in the Sudan.


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Next it was ‘roll your sleeves up’ and get stuck in to making mud bricks for a Toucal  (Sudanese style mud hut). Earth was mixed with straw and water and packed into wooden frames to form the bricks which were then turned out and dried for later use.

After all this hard work we took a much needed break for lunch. We enjoyed Shorbet Ads (lentil and vegetable soup) followed by Lamb Koftah (spicy minced lamb sausages) cooked over an open fire.

In the afternoon it was off to school, Sudanese style, with students sitting on crude wooden benches using slates and scratchy sticks to work out their sums and the teacher using blackboard and chalk, a rare sight in British schools these days!


Image         Image         Image


Then it was back to physical work; we used mud bricks made by other Dorset school students the previous week to help construct the Toucal.

The event took place at Weymouth College’s new construction facility and was run by Dorchester couple Richard and Claire Budd who are raising funds to build a school in the Sudan’s Kadugli region.

We will keep in touch with the progress of the project and hope to raise money to support the building, and the running, of the new school.


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