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On a very mild 19th October 12 students from DLZ

and Sherborne Learning Centre supported by 4

staff visited the National Oceanography Centre in


We were here to embark on our third trip aboard Southampton University's RV Callista -

a vessel purpose-built for oceanographic study.


Image    Image    Image


That afternoon we spent nearly three hours taking water, sludge and sealife samples at various points before conducting

analysis and comparisons.  The group enjoyed testing the temperature and salinity at different depths before measuring

the light penetration of the water.  Later we conducted an examination of sludge from both sides of the harbour and

noticed how black and oily the sample from the Fawley oil refinery side was compared to the relatively clean sludge from

the opposite side.


We also performed a trawl so we could collect and analyse a variety of sealife before collecting water samples that were

magnified to show the types of plankton present.


Image    Image    Image


Many of the group had great fun when they were given a chance, in turn, to take the helm of the ship and, after we had


all disembarked, we took time to view the NOC's aquarium before heading for home ... Another excellent day on


Southampton Water.


For more information about RV Callista and to visit the Discover Oceanography website click here



bigger versions of these pictures and more appear in The Gallery