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We met at Portland Sailing Academy on a very wet and blustery morning

unsure if the trip would go ahead.


John was our Captain and Bobbie the boat hand for the voyage, crew mates

were Sophie and Bethany.


With the weather against us we decided to have a leisurely trip to Weymouth

Bay and into the harbour.  After arriving in Weymouth Harbour we decided

to have a stroll around the shops for 30 minutes.


Our journey back to Portland was a little on the choppy side, but great fun,

Sophie and Beth decided to brave it and stay on the deck, not a good move for

Sophie as most of the waves were lapping over her side of the boat, very soggy

trousers and smudged mascara but she kept a smile on her face.


We spotted the boys Chad and Zack; under Ben’s supervision they managed

to catch some mackerel.


We then decided to head back to Portland after an exciting morning all at sea.


By Bobbie