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At long last we have finally got around to updating the old kitchen in the main building at DLC.




As you can see the old room was cold, dingy and uninviting - no wonder students didn’t want to spend time in there! 

We began in the middle of October when John gave the OK to start the revamp.


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Daisy and Laura were asked to make three mood boards that would grab the student’s imagination.  Once that was done, students and staff then had an opportunity to vote for the colour scheme they liked the best. The bright board had 16 votes, the pastel board had 3 votes, but the red, black and chrome board was the clear winner with 28 votes.

We then had just three weeks to find a builder and resource the furniture etc as the work had to be completed during half term when the building was not in use.

Although there were a few hiccups along the way and we had to keep the room closed for a few days longer than we had hoped, the final results were worth it – what a transformation!


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So now the new room was no longer a kitchen we needed to think of a new name for it.  Students had a couple of weeks to try it out and get used to it and suggestions for a new name were invited.

Judge Jim considered suggestions as imaginative as "Fluffy Wooly Something" to the less imaginative "Kitchen" and finally decided that "The Hub" was the best name for our brand new room.

A huge thanks to everyone involved.