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Students and staff enjoyed creative writing on Thursday 1st October to celebrate National Poetry Day 2020.  We talked about how poets explore all sorts of ideas, and how their writing can even help us realise what human experiences we have in common.  Poetry can entertain us and connect us.


This year’s theme is ‘See like a poet’.  Primary students wrote poems about all sorts of topics, from favourite animals to monsters.  They even worked together on a poem exploring colours.


Many of our secondary students, using the meaning of their names as a starting point, used contrast and fantasy in their poems.  Others explored all sorts of ideas, from personal relationships to sinister sci-fi fantasy.


Our staff joined in, too: special commendations go to a fantastic limerick about the burden of leadership, and wonderful musings on car journey bickering and the search for a perfect crab sandwich!






Well done to the two students who won prizes of mini light box displays (for messages or poems) and to our runners-up, who received sugar-free sweets this year – it was Healthy Eating Week, after all.


We hope you enjoy reading a selection of the students’ creative work here.





I am a young innocent puppy,

But also a bird of prey.

A buzzard that strangles

To cause death and pain.

But jolly like Christmas,

A green holly bush.

Why so contrasted?

English, Dutch, French and Irish?

Where do I originate from?






The snow is as cold as my soul

as it falls heavily upon the

silent streets.


As the bright sun settled softly

the snow started getting heavier

and heavier as it stormed in



In the morning when it’s still

snowing I go out to check the

snow filled ground.


As I opened my mouth to taste

the peacefully falling snow, there

was a subtle (bang) of thunder

that hit the earth.


As I look in the distance I see

a big rocky meatball hit the

earth…as I arrive at green and

brown filled field I suddenly realise

what it is.


Thirty minutes into arriving I see two

Wonky walking burnt looking


Slowly time goes by as I am trying

To examine these overly odd things.


After a short while I took a slow

perfectly peaceful drive home, as I’m

round about half way home I

see a group of loud freaky things

moving in the fast falling snow…


I realise!  Finally realise our world

had at last been taken over by

these spontaneous zombies, I think.



I am


I am deadly life, searching for where I fit.

I am the sting of reality, part of me was given a toxic name.

I wonder if I am cured to be alone.

Forever stubborn and wild.


I’ve always found home in nature.

Maybe that is where I belong.

They say I’m cold, harsh and strong.

I don’t feel that way but I’m scared I am.


I am lost.

I’m still searching for my home.

For now I’m the sharp cold knife.

Only wanted when I have something to give.

Then left alone to rest.



I am


A royal material

Here to be beautiful and soft

Made for slumber, a reliable rest

I am also LOUD and joyful

I am music and laughter and song

A comforting sound, a reminder, always there

Working hard to be here but ready to slip away





I am


I am a handy winch, always there to help.

Yet never to be repaired…

I am small and powerful.

Seeking revenge in the dark, mad at the world.

I am a corner…and water


But can be your worst nightmare in seconds.



I live


I live in

a sandy coast

surrounded by soily fields

and the breezy trees


I am different

my name means the same thing; with





and glade




I am


I am a trustworthy hill

Strong and bold

I climb high to reach the top

So I can see the horses run

Their manes flow in the wind

I am the master of my hill.


I think I can colour beautiful pictures.

I imagine my nan is in heaven.

I wonder where my nan has gone.




I am the Fire


I am the fiery danger

I am the short, flowing red dress

I am the protector of the castle




My name is Jahn

I was born in a barn

I was three days late

Because there was no alarm


My name is Jahn

I now live on a farm

I’m a good boy

I cause no harm




We learn all day,

& some say

That ain’t productive,

Guess that depends upon the

Demons that you’re stuck with,

Cos right now I see clearer than most

I sit here contented with this cheese on toast








Fins, gills, shiny scales.

A goldfish!

Pointy, tufty, bunny food. 

A carrot!

Just before night, yellow stripes.

A sunset!




There once was a boy from our school

Who always liked to play pool

When he picked up the cue

He needed the loo

So he did it right there in the hall




The One Who Left


I love how you left without saying goodbye,

I love how now you’re living your best life,

You made me lie to get your own way,

Maybe everyone’s just the same.


Thanks to you I know to trust very little,

Thanks to you I know not to get attached

Now you’re back into my life

Yet little do you know we’ll never get our bond back.


You try to get close with me again

But I push you away because I don’t want to feel that pain again.

I hope your kids never have to feel that way

Because that will be very ashamed.