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DLC students enjoyed visiting our Book-Tasting Cafe on World Book Day.  On offer was a menu of genres from Comedy to Horror for students to sample.
Besides genre tables and snacks, our cafe had a rather 'Mr Benn' vibe at times:
Students and staff got into character, trying on the hats and costumes provided and exploring the matching books, including Hedwig the Owl, Dahl the Ace Fighter Pilot, Witch Eskarina Smith from Equal Rites, Jo March, Granny Aching's sheep from The Wee Free Men, Private Tommo Peaceful, Aslan and the White Witch, the Amazing Maurice the cat, Jim Lad the pirate boy, Spiderman, the Tiger who Came to Tea, and Buck the dog from Call of the Wild.   
Our cafe also boasted a washing line of book covers so that students could guess what staff members were reading on World Book Day. 
Students took home their WBD Book Vouchers, and well done to the four students across all key stages who won extra voucher prizes in our three competitions:
  • exploring character: try on a costume and summarise your character in only three words
  • taste a new genre and write a mini-review
  • match up the staff to their current reads
It was great to see students from all four of our key stages mixing and enjoying the books, activities, snacks and competitions together!