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On Thursday 3rd October we celebrated National Poetry Day.  Posters were posted around the Centre and a poetry picnic was provided during the day.  Students, and staff, read poems and students were encouraged to write a poem of their own (voucher prizes were there to be won).  A selection of these poems appear below: 




Ode to a Fried Breakfast


Bacon crispy and sizzling

Eggs flipped and firm

Fresh cut tomatoes juicy

Greasy slippery hash browns

Toast warm with melted butter

Fill the plate!

Dollop on the ketchup

Good start to the day



Harry Potter


Hagrid is very hairy

Aragog has so many eyes

Ron’s wet himself

Rest in peace Snape

Yeah Draco’s off to tell his father

People are shipping Harry and Draco

Oh Dobby’s dead

The teachers are drinking away

The cup has gone to Gryffindor what a surprise

Everyone gets a wand

Rest in peace Fred




America’s in turmoil

Just like Trump’s dumb

We don’t know what they’re trying to foil

Just let Donald suck his thumb

I don’t understand all of Brexit

And the implications of leaving

I think this is just one little nit

But the politicians from party to party

Are they just hearing?





It is the colour black

It is a trumpet because it’s loud, screaming out “you’re gay” and unkind

Sexism is Pink and Blue



Even though chocolate

Can make you fat a lot

It is peng!

Dairy milk although quite boring

Gets me gnashing and a-gnawing

Chunks, chips, bites or bars

Snicker, Twix, Twirl or Mars

I’d swipe right like on tinder

To find a surprise within my Kinder

Luscious limes, lovely Lindt

Even bubbly Aero’s mint

Yes we all love Choc a Lot

Makes us want to stuff a Lot

(in our faces)





Bonfires, crackling

Warmth, bright colours,

crowds gathering round





Wintery Words


Frosted windows on

The streets filled with fresh icy snow

With bare branches and lost mittens





It is the colour black

It is stormy rainy



It is a violin being played poorly

It is screaming out loud

Waiting for someone to hear




The truth

It’s hidden

And for it to be spoken is forbidden

Our emotions build up but we keep it inside

The cloud of darkness, behind it we hide

The truth.  It is a lie?

They watch us as we die

The world just isn’t right

At the end of the tunnel, there is no light

Society is trapped in their own minds

The truth? It isn’t kind

You see, the truth.  It can be deadly

Our lies, travel like a medley

The truth.  We just don’t care

We are like monsters

Hiding in a lair

The truth, why do we hide behind it?

Our happiness is never lit

The truth.  It’s scary

So delicate like a fairy

We cry as we break

The broken smiles we fake

The truth is that we are broken

But this is something that will never be spoken

The truth.  It’s ever so forbidden

It’s something that will always remain hidden



Carl is cool and so is this school

Jo teaches English, she just teaches English

Some cows go moo. And then they flew?

Phantoms infect but they never protect

There was once a hero, who lived in a far away land

And he died by a villain’s hand

The monster’s burning in the fire, he’s dying and his soul is flying higher and higher

Then plunges straight into more fire in hell

One important girl at the age of 16 died

Then the boy and the rest of her friends cried

The boy was depressed so he died to join her in heaven

That was him and her story on how they got to heaven

Death Despair

That were the only emotions left in this world

Death Death Death

Death Death Death

Everybody was dead

The whole world died

More death




The cookie clicker is the best

I play it night and day

I never let it rest

I click the cookie to win enough

Paint by far

Enough to buy my favourite thing





Or nerve-wracking

Oh no

The foot

Ball is coming

And then the goalkeeper shouts

Loudly all defenders defend the

Last shot and the goalkeeper shouts Losers!