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The Year 11s enjoyed a pre-GCSE trip to Thorpe Park before the Easter break. An early start did not diminish the excitement that was evident in the mini-bus and the journey went without a hitch, and even included a ‘short cut’ from the driver.



After a short wait to collect tickets the Year 11s were free to explore the park at their leisure whilst the staff enjoyed a well-deserved coffee. With rides such as ‘The Swarm’, ‘Saw’, ‘The Walking Dead’, and ‘Colossus’ the Year 11s did not seem to be worried by the prospect of speeds of up to 100km and G-forces of 4.5, but rather raced towards them to seek the thrills that awaited.



The day continued in the same vein with the students rushing between adrenaline fixes, only stopping to refuel at infrequent intervals and to recommend which rides the staff should attempt.



All too soon it was time to return to the mini-bus for the journey back to Dorset. The mood in the mini-bus was one of satisfaction and contentment. Now the serious business of GCSEs was racing towards them and, although they knew there would be ups and downs and twists and turns, they were ready to face their fears and take the challenge head on.



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