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For the third year running DLC played host to the annual Dorset Learning Centres Six-a-Side tournament, once again held at Redlands, Weymouth.

Sadly, only three of the five centres were represented this time, but The Compass gave the competition a much needed boost by fielding two teams on the day.




And so the footballing event played out as a round-robin between the four teams - Compass 1, Compass 2, DLC and The Forum, followed by a third place play-off match before a grand final between the top two ranked sides.

It was particularly pleasing that all eight matches on the 3G surface were very competitive with the biggest winning margin a mere 4-1 result.

Group games were played 7 minutes each way but the two final games had a 20 minute duration that left many shattered from their endeavour on a warm day.




DLC were pipped 3-2 by Compass 2 in their opener but then sneaked a 2-1 victory over The Forum. Sadly the last group game saw the host centre miss out on the final as the boys went down 2-0 to Compass 1.

Our final game - the 3rd place play-off saw DLC gain consolation with a second defeat of The Forum, this time 3-1.

Later, an all Compass final saw Team 1 emerge victorious from a 2-0 win over their peers.




On a personal note, Alfie Mullins netted four goals over the day and was only just pipped to the "Golden Boot" by the Compass's Bobby Ewing who netted five.