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Glorious December weather accompanied a fantastic day out for the Primary School children and their visit to Farmer Palmers Farm Park. The excitement was palpable as the convoy arrived at the destination and the children soon dispersed into a frenzy of exploration.





Many chose the activity that became known as ‘Straw Mountain’ and took great pleasure in sliding down and scaling its dizzy heights. Others headed straight for the Go-karts and even managed to persuade the adults to take part. Lewis Hamilton would have been proud of some of the driving that the children were doing; navigating the tight turns and bottlenecks with supreme skill. The adults were slightly less successful but nonetheless enjoyed chasing the children’s imaginary exhaust fumes!






After a short break for lunch many children continued with the mornings activities whilst others explored other areas such as the petting zoo and the animal pens. With piglets, emus, goats and guinea pigs the children were able to get a close up view of some animals they may not have seen previously. Play and exploration continued right up until home time when, with reluctance, the children boarded their rides home; happy and satisfied that each and every minute of their trip had been filled with fun.